We know that data analysts are hard to come by—but analytics is essential for generating actionable insights. IHD's low-code solution makes data analysis accessible and scalable for all. Both tech and non-tech users can easily analyze multiple data sources without the challenges of toggling between multiple platforms, increasing both efficiency and usability.

Overcome your biggest payor challenges

  • Scalability

    Users of all backgrounds can minimize data wrangling to maximize speed to insights, leverage technology that enables transparency, and generate reproducible analysis.

  • Convergence of business rules

    Create, manage, and share standard code lists across the entire organization.

  • Ease of use

    Eradicate the headache of juggling multiple platforms with one end-to-end solution.

  • Quality reporting

    Share insights easily and efficiently throughout the organization with high-quality, in-platform reporting tools.

  • Data transparency

    Get visibility into the process of how analytic output is derived and how evidence is generated—making your results understandable, explainable, defendable, and trustworthy.

One End-to-end Platform: From Research Ideation to Dissemination and Collaboration

Discovering Insights with IHD

Healthcare payors can address a variety of critical business needs with IHD Analytics, including:
Program Design and Evaluation

Identify members and clinical areas in need of intervention, establish key metrics for assessment, evaluate provider groups for partnerships, and measure patient success and resource utilization pre/post implementation.

Provider Profiling & Network Performance

Analyze provider referral patterns, clinical guideline adherence, incentive response, and patient outcomes.

Service Utilization Benchmarking & Trends

Track frequencies and trends of key high-cost procedures, therapeutic areas, place-of-service distributions, and report on drivers of spend.

Benefit Design

Understand unmet medical needs and emerging coverage trends, analyze common treatment patterns, site of service options, and establish data-driven guidelines.

Value-Based Contracting

Generate evidence for effective value-based care programs including bundled payment program criteria, pay-for-performance contract adherence, and clinical outcome success rates.

Formulary Decisions

Analyze the long-term effectiveness of drugs across therapeutic areas and assess tier assignment and management protocols.

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Data Science

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