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IHD - One Solution,
Limitless Answers

IHD, our healthcare analytics software, streamlines the
analytics process by removing complex programming from
the equation and allowing you to focus on what
matters most - turning data into insights.

Move Faster. Reach Further.

Get Results Faster than You Thought Possible

Code is written for you via our intuitive web-based interface, removing complex programming from the equation. IHD then runs your analysis in seconds or minutes.

Collaborate with Ease

Ensure an open and collaborative analytics process by easily sharing results with internal and external stakeholders through automated reporting and documentation.

Make Advanced Analytics Accessible to a Broad Array of Users

IHD makes data analysis accessible to all analytically-minded staff, letting your team expand their capabilities.

Experience Unrivaled Service

We take customer service seriously, which is why we have a 4.8/5 rating from our customers.

Ensure the Highest Quality Results

From automatically generated code to advanced data exploration tools, take advantage of software that leads to high-quality, trustworthy results.

IHD is Purpose-Built for Healthcare

IHD-DataSciences and Pharma

Pharma and Life Sciences

Generate evidence and insights for use by RWE, HEOR, epi, safety, commercial analytics and R&D.

IHD For Payers Providers

Payers and Providers

Conduct analyses to optimize the quality and value of patient care.

Research Reports

Government and Academia

Conduct analyses to generate publications and shareable, customized reports.

Learn how IHD can help

Modeling & Strategy

We help the world’s leading life sciences companies understand the value of their products. From value-based contracting to ICER strategy to health economic modeling, our team helps you make evidence-based decisions.

Latest News

Panalgo Brings the Power of Machine-Learning to the Healthcare Industry Via Its Instant Health Data (IHD) Software

NEWS & EVENTS  |  September 15, 2020

Panalgo Brings the Power of Machine-Learning to the Healthcare Industry Via Its Instant Health Data (IHD) Software

Panalgo’s new Data Science module seamlessly integrates machine-learning techniques to identify new insights for patient care.


One solution, limitless answers.

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