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Applying our healthcare acumen to build
flexible, intuitive, purpose-built analytics software.

We understand healthcare, its nuances and complexities. For more than two decades we have had the privilege to call the industry’s leading life sciences organizations our customers. We’ve leveraged our deep domain knowledge to build a flexible, intuitive software for the healthcare industry – so our customers can answer their most pressing scientific, business and regulatory questions faster, more conveniently, and with higher quality.

Our Humble Beginnings

In 1996, our founder, Joseph Menzin, PhD, started Boston Health Economics (BHE) to provide professional research services to the life sciences industry, including economic modeling, database analyses and strategic consulting.

When Joseph’s son, Jordan, joined the company in 2010, his work centered on a variety of projects that required complex, custom programming. Jordan quickly realized that distributed computing and general-purpose programming languages would be much more efficient than traditional techniques used for database analysis. He started using those tools to dramatically speed up the data processing and reduce the amount of programming time required to complete database analyses.

From there, Joseph and Jordan realized that they needed a way to automate the programming aspect of this new framework to bring these capabilities to a wider audience. As Joseph developed the business plans, Jordan began developing Panalgo’s flagship product, Instant Health Data (IHD).

Over time, as healthcare data became more available, IHD’s footprint grew, but we have stayed true to our vision of empowering users to answer questions faster, easily share insights across their organizations and weave analytics into their everyday workflow.  Our values haven’t changed over the years – we strive every day to be forward-thinking, approachable and authentic.

Expansion Across the Healthcare Industry Leads to a New Company Name

It’s a different world than when we started and as we have grown, we realized our name, BHE, did not fully reflect the capabilities of our company or the potential of our IHD software.

So we chose a name that aligns with our vision for the future—Panalgo.  Panalgo derived from “pan” for everything and “algo” for algorithm conveys an “algorithm for everything”, a fitting description of our software’s deep flexibility and applicability across healthcare. From assessing the value of specific interventions to generating clinical evidence to evaluating drug safety – IHD offers the healthcare industry the opportunity to ask and answer unlimited questions.

Today, Panalgo is proud to be a part of Norstella, an organization that consists of market-leading pharmaceutical solutions providers united under one goal: to improve patient access to life-saving therapies. Within this organization, Panalgo plays a key role in helping clinical and commercial stakeholders understand the real-world implications of payer and prescriber behavior—and helping clients connect the dots from pipeline to patient.

For more information, please visit Norstella.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

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