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Four prominent pharmaceutical solutions providers launch Norstella to drive innovation and get patients access to life-saving therapies faster

United under Norstella, each brand’s key solutions and expertise will help life-sciences-focused companies get answers—not just insights—from pipeline to patient

May 3, 2022 – Creating a hub for rapid innovation, four prominent pharmaceutical solutions providers—Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo and The Dedham Group—are thrilled to announce the launch of Norstella.

The companies, which have come together over the past year via a series of acquisitions and strategic partnerships, are now united under one organization and shared mission. Norstella will use the combined assets of each business to offer innovative solutions that will enhance how pharmaceutical manufacturers bring therapies to patients.

“By launching Norstella, we’re taking the next step toward ensuring that all patients have access to the therapies that they need,” said Norstella CEO Mike Gallup. “The companies that are united under this transformative organization are bound by their passion for the patient and our shared belief that together, we can make healthcare work better.”

Norstella’s mission centers on a patient’s ability to access a therapy. Unfortunately, there are many barriers that prevent patients from picking up their prescription at the pharmacy counter or receiving a provider-administered therapy, and those barriers manifest at every stage of the drug development life cycle, from early-stage R&D to commercialization.

Uniting under Norstella allows these key brands to help life sciences companies make informed decisions on patient access along the entire drug development journey. Building on each brand’s breadth of expertise and solutions provides clients with game-changing answers, not just insights. As a united organization, Norstella’s companies will create innovation that combines each brand’s assets and expertise to give pharma manufacturers a clearer and more predictive path to delivering therapies to patients no matter the therapeutic area or size of the organization.

As the pharmaceutical market continues to evolve at a rapid pace—and patient access remains a key component of pharma commercial strategy—this transformative unification will help life sciences companies get the right therapies to the right patients at the right time.

“Helping life sciences organizations put together the patient access puzzle will result in a better pharmaceutical marketplace—one that’s both innovative and accessible,” added Gallup. “Because at the end of the day, no one should be prevented from accessing the medication they need.”

About Norstella

At Norstella, our mission is simple: to help patients gain access to life-saving therapies. Norstella consists of several prominent organizations—Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo and The Dedham Group—that have united to offer a full range of pharmaceutical consultancy services and solutions. As one organization, Norstella provides life sciences clients with the right tools and expertise to navigate complexities at each step of the drug development life cycle, from pipeline to patient. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Norstella’s Brands

Evaluate provides the life sciences industry with the data, insight, and intelligence to facilitate confident decision making on high-value investments in treatments and markets. Evaluate enables its clients to embed its proprietary and industry data into their workflows, tools and processes so they can work more effectively and efficiently. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

MMIT is focused on solving the “what and why” of market access, and has been a trusted, go-to-market partner to more than 1,300 biopharma and payer customers for nearly three decades. MMIT believes that patients who need lifesaving treatments should not face delays because accessing drugs can be confusing. MMIT’s expert teams of clinicians, data specialists and market researchers provide clarity and confidence so that our clients can make better decisions. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

Panalgo provides software that streamlines healthcare data analytics by removing complex programming from the equation. Panalgo’s Instant Health Data (IHD) software empowers teams to generate and share trustworthy results faster, enabling more impactful decisions. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

The Dedham Group is the well-known U.S. market access oncology and specialty therapeutics consultancy offering research, data analytics and strategy formulation services to the life science industry. Grounded in the strategy consulting discipline—and bolstered by robust data sets enriched by a specialty panel of the top US healthcare influencers—the unique staffing model of highly specialized creative thinkers have made the Dedham Team a key influencer in the oncology and specialty therapeutics space. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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