How IHD Data Science (DS) Works

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IHD Data Science - One platform.
Expanded Insights.

The Benefit of One Platform

Seamlessly integrate machine-learning techniques into your analyses.

End To End Analytics
Built for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is complicated and nuanced. We purpose-built our platform to better navigate these complexities.

Demystify the Black Box

Be more confident in your analysis using our comprehensive suite of model explainability tools.

Demystify Box
Uncover Novel Insights

Leverage machine-learning techniques to uncover new insights and produce more accurate prediction and segmentation models.


Putting IHD Data Science to Work

IHD-DataSciences and Pharma

Pharma and Life Sciences

Generate new evidence and novel insights for use by RWE, HEOR, epidemiology, safety, commercial analytics and R&D.

IHD For Payers Providers

Payers and Providers

Expand on statistical analyses with predictive techniques to optimize the quality and value of patient care.

Research Reports

Government and Academia

Use data science techniques to generate publications and scientific evidence.

Why we built IHD Data Science

Healthcare companies are increasingly using machine-learning techniques as part of their everyday workflow. We recognized that the same principles that we applied to create IHD Analytics would be of great interest to analysts. We created IHD Data Science as a way for users to leverage the flexible projects they already create in IHD Analytics to seamlessly uncover new insights using the latest machine-learning methods. IHD Data Science, like IHD Analytics, was purpose-built with healthcare in mind.

Schedule a demo to see what IHD Data Science
can do for you


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