Panalgo Acceptable Use Policy

Effective Date: 9/18/19

This page (this “Acceptable Use Policy” or “AUP”) lays out the terms that apply to the use of any service provided by Panalgo  (formerly known as Boston Health Economics, LLC; “BHE” or “We”), including this website.

It is intended to ensure that both you, the user of the services (“You”) and Panalgo not only comply with all laws and regulations, but also act in good faith, responsibly, and in accordance with decent, honest, and fair business practices.

By use of our website and services, You agree to this AUP.


1) General

This AUP is not intended to change the way We interact with You; instead it should serve as a mutual commitment to act in good faith and to ensure that every person and organization involved in using or providing the services and resources provided by Panalgo does so with the highest levels of integrity.

You should expect that every service We provide, from the blog entries we post to the proprietary software you may access, will be provided in a trustworthy and forthcoming way. In return, We expect that You will use these resources in accordance with the same standards.


2) Prohibited Actions

  1. You may not use any services or resources provided by Panalgo to perform any illegal, illicit, or otherwise prohibited activities. This includes any activity which is illegal under local, state, federal, or international law (or policy/regulation).
  2. You also may not use any services or resources provided by Panalgo to act in any manner which contravenes with Panalgo policy. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Violating the rights of any person or organization (including their intellectual property and privacy rights)
    • Accessing information to which you are not entitled to access
    • Accessing information for a purpose other than that for which you are authorized
    • Introducing malicious code or software (viruses, malware, etc.)
    • Sharing of credentials or otherwise including your password (or another user’s password)
    • Purposefully including or soliciting data about another person or organization
    • Transmission of material that one may find offensive or violative of harassment laws
    • Breaching (or attempting to breach) security of any person or organization
    • Sharing confidential information in violation of your obligations regarding same
    • Circumnavigating contractual limitations (including any attempt to avoid incurring charges or otherwise paying for services)
    • Promoting commercial services/products (except as approved by Panalgo)
    • Transmission of material that would act as an unsolicited mass mailing (or similar spam/junk mailing)
    • Violating the terms of third party data agreements
    • Interfering (or attempting to interfere) in any way with Panalgo’s services offerings, such as denial of service attacks, hacking attempts, phishing, penetration testing, etc.
    • Accessing portions of Panalgo services to which you should not have access
    • Falsely representing statements of Panalgo or its personnel as your own

The foregoing is not intended to be an exhaustive list of what You must refrain from doing, but instead a commitment to ensure appropriate use of Panalgo’s services by everyone. Simple things like protecting passwords and credentials and giving credit to the authors of our blog posts go a long way to fostering the type of community and organization We are proud to have developed.


3) Violations

We reserve the right to investigate any potential violation of this AUP. This includes taking reasonable steps to ensure no harm (or further harm) occurs, which may include suspension of access, cooperation with authorities and third parties, and/or other legal remedies. We will never use our rights under this AUP to investigate or otherwise take action without just cause, but We do reserve all rights and remedies available.


4) Amendment of This Acceptable Use Policy

We may change this AUP at any time by posting a new version on this page or on a successor page. The new version will become effective on the date it’s posted, which will be listed at the top of the page as the new Effective Date.


5) Reporting and Contacting Us

Panalgo takes this AUP very seriously and encourages anyone with concerns, comments, or questions to report them to Panalgo immediately. For questions about this AUP, or to report a potential violation, please contact us at Panalgo employees are always welcome to file a report by using the Red Flag Reporting tool.