How Real-World Data Can Help Us Better Prepare for the Next Pandemic

Scientific American article by Panalgo CEO, Joseph Menzin, PhD, and Panalgo Strategic Advisory Board member, Peter Neumann, ScD.

In this Scientific American article, Joseph Menzin, PhD and Peter Neumann, ScD discuss how real-world data can help us better prepare for a future pandemic. The authors highlight how rapid testing is important, but that there’s a wealth of other information that could have offered us quicker insight into the spread of COVID. Menzin and Neumann conclude: “With the right data to analyze—and the right experts to analyze such data—we are fully capable of answering these questions and gathering the necessary insights to understand the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Armed with this knowledge and with a global recognition of the consequences of an ineffective response, we’ll have the motivation and means to take the appropriate precautions and prevent a future pandemic before it starts.”

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