BHE is Now Panalgo: Why We Changed Our Name and Brand

By Joe Menzin, PhD

In 1996, I started Boston Health Economics (BHE) to provide professional research services to the life sciences industry, including economic modeling, database analyses and strategic consulting. For more than two decades we have had the privilege of serving the industry’s leading life sciences organizations.

When my son, Jordan, joined the company in 2010, his work centered on a variety of projects that required complex, custom programming. He quickly realized that distributed computing and general-purpose programming languages would be much more efficient than traditional techniques used for database analysis. Jordan started using these newer tools to dramatically speed up data processing, and reducing the time required to complete analyses.

From there, Jordan and I realized that we needed a way to automate the programming aspect of this new framework in order to bring novel capabilities to a wider audience. As I developed the business plans, Jordan began developing our flagship product, Instant Health Data (IHD).

Over time, as healthcare data became more available, IHD’s footprint grew, allowing teams to answer questions faster, easily share insights across their organizations, and weave analytics into their every-day workflow. Today, IHD is an industry-leading solution for rapid analysis of real-world data. It is being used by over two dozen of the top life science and research organizations.

Market expansion leads to new name

It’s a different world than when we started over twenty years ago. As we grew, we realized that we needed a name that aligns with our vision for healthcare. We chose Panalgo, which is derived from “pan” for everything and “algo” for algorithm, or an “algorithm for everything”. Panalgo reflects our company vision of streamlining analytics, and enabling life science companies, payers, and providers to make more impactful decisions.

With a history of trusted analytics, our company remains committed to its foundational corporate values of being forward-thinking, approachable and authentic. We strive to continuously innovate, with additional IHD features for dynamic reporting and our new IHD Data Science Module. Morever, our Modeling and Strategy consulting team continues to provide strong offerings to the life science industry.

Join us on our mission to continue our leadership in analytics software for healthcare. You can find us at To read our press release about our rebrand click here.