Harnessing the Power of
Real-World Data to
Create Actionable
Real-World Evidence

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Real-world evidence, derived from the analysis of real-world data, can help life sciences organizations understand the patient journey and support end-to-end decision-making.

What if there was one integrated solution that enabled life sciences organizations to uncover critical insights faster across the clinical and commercial life cycle?

Panalgo’s RWE solution combines Norstella RWD with Panalgo’s IHD Analytics platform and robust analytic services for a truly differentiated offering to take you from RWD to RWE and beyond.

This infographic covers:

  • An overview of the end-to-end solution, including the data, technology, and analytic services offered.
  • A deep dive into the data by the numbers – which includes open claims, closed claims, and laboratory data.
  • Use cases and benefits for life sciences teams across the product life cycle.
  • And more…

Wherever you are in your analytics journey, we’ll meet you there and support you as you grow and scale your capabilities. Download the infographic to learn more.