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Panalgo to Present at ISPOR Europe 2020

Virtual ISPOR Europe, November 16th - 19th

We are looking forward to attending and presenting at Virtual ISPOR Europe 2020, November 16-19. This year’s conference will be centered around the theme “Improving Health: Establishing Incentives and Sharing Value,” and focus on questioning the fundamental conventions of value, risks, rewards, and the roles of the public and private sectors in the shadow of a global pandemic. The Panalgo team had 4 abstracts selected, including 1 selected for a podium presentation.


    • Application of Machine Learning Models to Evaluate COVID-19 Related ICU Utilization in a US Population. Zeynep Icten1, Christine Chan1, Michael Munsell1, Joseph Menzin1

    • Impact of Selected Comorbidities on Healthcare Resource Utilization Among Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19 in a US Population. Zeynep Icten1, Ian Livinstone1, Joseph Menzin1
    • Development of a Microsimulation Model to Evaluate the Clinical Burden of Major Depressive Episodes. Jennifer Benner1, Alix Arnaud2, Ellison Suthoff2, Ron Kessler3, Brian Werneburg2, Matthew Sussman1
    • Lessons Learned from Economic Models of Influenza Vaccines and Applications to SARS-CoV-2. Jennifer Benner1, Nicholas Adair1, Mark Friedman1, Joseph Menzin1, Matthew Sussman1


Author Affiliations:
1 Panalgo
2 Sage Therapeutics
3 Department of Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School