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Atropos Health Partners with Norstella to Expand the Atropos Evidence™ Network and Structured Clinical Trial Intelligence

Norstella, one of the largest global pharma intelligence solution providers, today announced a strategic partnership with Atropos Health, the pioneer in translating real-world clinical data into high-quality personalized real-world evidence for care. This collaboration follows Atropos Health’s recent announcement of $33 million in Series B funding, furthering its expansion into life sciences.

Norstella’s extensive reach, including companies such as Citeline, Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo, and The Dedham Group, will be used to rapidly expand the adoption of Atropos Health’s Generative AI platform, GENEVA OS™ (Generative Evidence Acceleration Operating System). In the first of a series of planned initiatives, Panalgo Instant Health Data (IHD) customers will gain access to Atropos Health’s comprehensive suite of evidence-generation tools, and Atropos Health users will see enhanced coverage of Trial Design content embedded upon install. Citeline’s leading clinical trial intelligence solution, Trialtrove, will also be integrated into Atropos Health’s CRAFT (Clinical Research Acceleration for Trials) Emulation Toolkit™.

The announcement coincides with Citeline, Panalgo and Atropos Health’s participation in the DIA 2024 Global Annual Meeting in San Diego, where industry regulators, governments, academics, innovators, and patients will address challenges facing the life sciences community.

Through the partnership of Panalgo and Atropos, the two companies are redefining speed to insight for the industry through:

  • Enhanced Speed to Evidence Generation: Panalgo will offer Atropos Health’s evidence-generation tools through the GENEVA OS™ platform, including ChatRWD™, the first Generative AI application with direct Chat-to-Database capability, giving healthcare and life science leaders advanced evidence generation in minutes.
  • Rapid, Rigorous Insights: Combining Atropos Health’s real-world evidence (RWE) generation solutions with Panalgo IHD’s no-code analytics, customers can generate evidence rapidly, redefining the speed to insight needed to support today’s Medical Affairs and HEOR teams.
  • Democratized Federated Healthcare Data: With the Atropos Evidence Network, which includes data grading with Real World Data Score™ and Real World Fitness Score™, and real world data from Norstella, along with clients’ own data, clients can create studies with confidence, knowing that they are utilizing only the most relevant and powerful datasets they need to create evidence.
  • Client-Minded Platform Integration: Panalgo clients will benefit from the integration of Panalgo’s trusted IHD environment with GENEVA OS™, providing faster, accurate insights across departments.

Along with these features, Citeline’s leading Trialtrove clinical trial intelligence data will incorporate the data currency, accuracy, broad coverage and trust that the industry has come to expect into Atropos Health’s CRAFT Emulation Toolkit and provide valuable consistency and continuity. This initial collaboration will serve as a foundation for Citeline and Atropos Health to co-develop products in the future.

“The partnership brings together new AI technologies with data and services delivered via global reach and capability,” said Mike Gallup, CEO of Norstella. “We see the need for rapid evidence generation from the earliest stages of commercialization to brand launch and in-market.  We believe that Atropos Health, in partnership with Norstella, is the best solution to deliver on this need. Our initial collaboration with Atropos Health across Panalgo and Citeline is just the beginning, and we look forward to extending these capabilities across all the market segments we serve with our leading and trusted brands.”

For Atropos Health’s provider and health system partners, this will enable live deployment of Clinical Trial Surveillance across the Atropos Evidence Network at time of install, accelerating clinical research design, feasibility, and recruitment. The next generation of clinical trial planning tools for life sciences will be available soon via the combination of Atropos Health and Citeline’s respective data access and technological capabilities, including Citeline’s new predictive solutions. Together, trial design and simulation will come at new levels of speed and efficiency.

“At Atropos Health, we’re building the future of evidence-based medicine, a pervasive need across all aspects of healthcare,” said Dr. Brigham Hyde, CEO and Co-Founder, Atropos Health. “Partnering with Norstella further accelerates the expansion of GENEVA OS™ into multiple segments of the life science industry. The partnership allows both companies to put the customer at the forefront to maximize efficiency and customer experience for life science partners. It is a significant point of validation on the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of our solutions that users at Norstella will adopt and integrate these tools into the top-quality evidence, insight, and market access work they do every day.

About Norstella
At Norstella, our mission is simple: to smooth the path to life-saving therapies for patients and providers. As one of the largest global pharma intelligence solution providers, Norstella unites market-leading companies—Citeline, Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo, and The Dedham Group—that offer a full range of clinical and commercial solutions and consultancy services. As one organization, Norstella provides life sciences clients with the right tools and expertise to navigate complexities at each step of the drug development life cycle, from pipeline to patient. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

About Atropos Health

Atropos Health is the developer of GENEVA OS™, the operating system for rapid healthcare evidence across a robust network of real-world data. Healthcare and life science organizations work with Atropos Health to close evidence gaps from bench to bedside, improving individual patient outcomes with data-driven care, expediting research that advances the field of medicine, and more. We aim to transform healthcare with timely, relevant real-world evidence.

To learn more about Atropos Health, visit or connect through LinkedIn or follow on X (Twitter) @AtroposHealth.

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