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Panalgo Brings the Power of Machine-Learning to the Healthcare Industry Via Its Instant Health Data (IHD) Software

Panalgo’s new Data Science module seamlessly integrates machine-learning techniques to identify new insights for patient care

BOSTON, Mass. – September 15, 2020 – Panalgo, a leading healthcare analytics company, today announced the launch of its new Data Science module for Instant Health Data (IHD), which allows data scientists and researchers to leverage machine-learning to uncover novel insights from the growing volume of healthcare data.

Panalgo’s flagship IHD Analytics software streamlines the analytics process by removing complex programming from the equation and allows users to focus on what matters most–turning data into insights. IHD Analytics supports the rapid analysis of a wide range of healthcare data sources, including administrative claims, electronic health records, registry data and more. The software, which is purpose-built for healthcare, includes the most extensive library of customizable algorithms and automates documentation and reporting for transparent, easy collaboration.

Panalgo’s new IHD Data Science module is fully integrated with IHD Analytics, and allows for analysis of large, complex healthcare datasets using a wide variety of machine-learning techniques. The IHD Data Science module provides an environment to easily train, validate and test models against multiple datasets.

“Healthcare organizations are increasingly using machine-learning techniques as part of their everyday workflow. Developing datasets and applying machine-learning methods can be quite time-consuming,” said Jordan Menzin, Chief Technology Officer of Panalgo. “We created the Data Science module as a way for users to leverage IHD for all of the work necessary to apply the latest machine-learning methods, and to do so using a single system.”

“Our new IHD Data Science product release is part of our mission to leverage our deep domain knowledge to build flexible, intuitive software for the healthcare industry,” said Joseph Menzin, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Panalgo. “We are excited to empower our customers to answer their most pressing questions faster, more conveniently, and with higher quality.”

The IHD Data Science module provides advanced analytics to better predict patient outcomes, uncover reasons for medication non-adherence, identify diseases earlier, and much more. The results from these analyses can be used by healthcare stakeholders to improve patient care.

Research abstracts using Panalgo’s IHD Data Science module are being presented at this week’s International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology and Therapeutic Risk Management, including: “Identifying Comorbidity-based Subtypes of Type 2 Diabetes: An Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach,” and “Identifying Predictors of a Composite Cardiovascular Outcome Among Diabetes Patients Using Machine Learning.”

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Panalgo, formerly BHE, provides software that streamlines healthcare data analytics by removing complex programming from the equation. Our Instant Health Data (IHD) software empowers teams to generate and share trustworthy results faster, enabling more impactful decisions. To learn more, visit us at To request a demo of our IHD software, please contact us at


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