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Panalgo Forges Partnership with Truveta, Empowering Healthcare Data Analytics

[Boston, May 1, 2024] – Panalgo, a Norstella company dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare data analytics, announced today its partnership with Truveta, the company with a mission of Saving Lives with Data. Panalgo’s extensive configuration repository now supports regulatory-grade electronic health record (EHR) data from Truveta, increasing the speed from data to insights for clients in Panalgo’s IHD Analytics platform – a SaaS platform that simplifies healthcare analytics by removing complex programming from the equation. 

Truveta delivers complete EHR data, including clinician notes and images, from more than 30 health systems, linked with SDOH, mortality and claims data, for scientifically rigorous research. Truveta Data provides regulatory grade, daily updated data from more than 100 million de-identified patients across the US from more than 800 hospitals and 20,000 clinics, providing the most complete, timely and representative view of patient care. With access to over five years of longitudinal patient data, Truveta offers unparalleled depth and breadth for healthcare research across all diseases, drugs, and devices.

“The partnership between Panalgo and Truveta is a huge milestone in advancing healthcare analytics and will help stakeholders unlock the full potential of data-driven decision-making,” says Erik Maul, Senior Director of Partnerships at Panalgo. “We are excited to collaborate with Truveta for our clients and the benefits that come to their IHD experience using Truveta’s EHR data.   

Panalgo’s Instant Health Data (IHD) Analytics platform now supports Truveta’s complete dataset, along with other complementary data sources. IHD empowers both technical and non-technical staff to derive meaningful insights effortlessly by removing complex programming from the equation. Leveraging the most extensive real-world data sources in the industry, IHD offers analysis-ready datasets at users’ fingertips, providing unparalleled speed, flexibility, efficiency, and transparency of results. Notably, the majority of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies rely on IHD for their analytics needs. 

“We are excited to work with Panalgo and make Truveta Data available to Panalgo customers,” said Jesse Weiss, Senior Director, Product Management for Truveta Data. “By working together, we are empowering customers using the Panalgo Instant Health Data Analytics platform with the most timely, complete, regulatory-grade EHR data, enabling them to deliver critical insights to improve patient care and outcomes across all drugs, diseases, and devices.”

For more information about Panalgo and its partnership with Truveta, and to learn how you can leverage Truveta Data in the IHD platform, contact Panalgo today. 

For more information on Truveta, visit For more information on subscribing to Truveta Data for use on the IHD platform, contact Truveta at 


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