Lab and Claims RWE

Panalgo’s lab + claims RWE offering combines the
industry leading IHD Analytics platform with MMIT’s
integrated laboratory data and Med/Rx claims data
to provide a game changer in healthcare analytics.

Panalgo's Lab + Claims RWE Offering

Streamlined Access to Data


  • Fully integrated clinical lab data + medical / Rx claims data from MMIT
  • Access to live and longitudinal transactional lab test results, biomarkers, and genomics data at provider and de-identified patient level for 177M+ linked lab + claims patients

Industry-Leading Technology


Instant Health Data (IHD) Analytics

  • RWE SaaS platform with high touch support
  • Analysis ready datasets and analytics
  • Speed, flexibility, efficiency, quality

IHD Data Science Module

  • Data Science: Machine learning, advanced statistics
  • Report Collaboration: Instant IHD dashboard sharing

Expert Analytic Services

Analytic Services

  • Analysts integrate with your team, analytics via IHD (IaaS)
  • Link IaaS with full-service consulting partners (Study Seat)
  • Custom analytics hourly support bundles (Support +)

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Lab Data

Sourced from national reference labs, 100+ hospitals and health systems

Includes routine lab tests, oncology biomarkers, and genetic mutations

Refreshed daily


Clinical transactions

US lives in lab test data

Diagnostic results per month

Claims Data

Sourced from clearing houses, pharmacies, insurance companies, and hospitals

Includes commercial medical claims, Medicare claims, and Medicaid claims

Refreshed weekly


US lives in claim data

Linked lab + claims patients

Technology: Panalgo's IHD Analytics Platform

  • Self-service analytics platform

  • 85% faster than traditional custom programming

  • Unique, healthcare specific data model

  • Extensive library of healthcare algorithms

  • Table creation, visualization, and statistical analysis

  • Easy data exploration

  • Integrated machine learning

  • Automated documentation

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Benefits of Lab + Claims RWE

Depth and breadth of data

30B+ clinical transactions, 32B+ claims, 20,000 diagnostic ordering locations nationally, 177M+ linked lab + claims patients

IHD For Payers Providers
Clean, actionable data

Disparate data feeds are integrated, normalized and enhanced into a single view

Real-time data feeds

To be delivered daily or weekly with access to longitudinal de-identified patient history and records

Real-time patient, provider, and institution insights

To enable site selection, trial enrollment, and personal/non-personal promotion

Easily linked

Combine RWE with other datasets and output visualizations

Proven Methodology
Fast, flexible, transparent analytics

The IHD platform is the leading healthcare analytics software for the top 20 life sciences companies, enabling richer insights faster

Demystify Box

Lab + Claims RWE Use Cases

  • Enable early detection of disease

  • Identify high value HCPs and patients

  • Assist in site selection for clinical trials

  • Improve recruitment and enrollment

  • Monitor disease progression and adverse events

  • Aid evidence generation and outcomes studies

  • Improve personalized medicine using data from genetic and genomic tests

  • Help providers make more informed decisions to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients

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