Linked Data Solution

Panalgo’s Mother-Infant linked data solution offers
data equipped to link mothers with their infants
combined with the analytic tools to complete
retrospective pregnancy studies with ease.


Our closed claims data source reconfigured for intuitive querying of mother-infant pairs.

IHD Platform

The IHD Analytics platform is fast, flexible, and intuitive to use. This package includes new IHD measures and filtering capabilities built specifically for analyses that target exposures and outcomes across both mom and child.

New Analytical Features

Data exploration dashboard, example project illustrating the data and querying functionalities, built in algorithm for monitoring gestational age.

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Mother-Infant Linked Data

  • The data source provided with this offering is a filtered and modified version of Panalgo’s closed claims data source.
  • Data includes a linking file that associates patient IDs from a mother to patient IDs from each live-birth infant.
  • The data source contains ~3 million mother-infant pairs.
  • The data source is embedded directly into Panalgo’s IHD Analytics platform.

IHD Analytics Platform

  • IHD provides the perfect tool for easy analysis of mother-infant linked data, as it is fast, flexible, intuitive, and requires no complex programming.
  • Analyzing mother-infant linked data can be tricky because the units of analysis are the pairs as well as the individuals – IHD provides the tools to look at the data any way you want.
  • IHD is complete with new measures and filtering capabilities, purpose-built for pregnancy studies, including:
    • Mother and infant demographics querying measures and tools
    • New enrollment property measure
    • Additional filtering and querying tools for mother and infant
    • Built-in algorithm for estimating gestational age

Streamlining Insights for Retrospective Pregnancy Studies

Intuitive Design

The data from each mother-infant pair is combined into a single “patient”. This allows users to query the data in a format that is already natively at the pregnancy-episode level.

Linked Data

Mother-infant pairs are already linked for you and data is pre-embedded into the IHD analytics platform.

Purpose-Built Analytics

IHD contains pregnancy measures and capabilities specifically for querying mother-infant linked data, including a built-in algorithm for estimating gestational age.

Bundled Solution

Linked data and analytics tools in one combined, cost-effective solution, meaning you can get started with your analyses right away.

Multi-Source Project Views

Package includes side-by-side data source views to make comparison a breeze.

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