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BHE with its Market-Leading Instant Health Data Analytics Platform Collaborates with Premier Inc. [Press Release]

Boston Health Economics (BHE), a leading healthcare self-service analytics company, and Premier Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (Premier), a leading healthcare improvement company, are joining forces to streamline data analytics and more quickly uncover strategies that could improve patient care. Through the partnership, Premier Applied Sciences, the research division of Premier, will offer its gold-standard Premier Healthcare Database through BHE’s market-leading healthcare analytics platform, Instant Health Data (IHD), providing researchers and data scientists with the capability for performing data analytics without time-consuming, custom programming.

Leveraging the Premier Healthcare Database, researchers will be able to drive more timely results in crucial areas such as patient comorbidities, treatment patterns, and drug effectiveness and safety. By enabling researchers to more quickly uncover strategies to improve patient care, this partnership will be able to influence key decision-making, driving improvements and results for clinicians and policymakers alike.

“As we continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic, the ability to access up-to-date real-world data and efficiently conduct robust analysis is more important than ever,” said Joseph Menzin, Ph.D., founder and CEO of BHE. “Speeding the development and dissemination of impactful research is vital for the U.S. response to COVID-19, as it can help governments, healthcare providers and communities respond to patient needs and provide high-quality care.”

Using a unique masked identifier, the Premier Healthcare Database can track outcomes, care, demographics and more measures for individual patients within a hospital and in outpatient settings, with the ability to assess inpatient length of stay and readmissions.

“The Premier Healthcare Database has a long history as a gold standard for observational research,” said Denise Juliano, Group Vice President for Premier Applied Sciences. “Since 2000, more than 600 publications have cited the Premier Healthcare Database as a trusted and reliable source. We look forward to making our data available on demand through the IHD platform to enable high-quality research at record speed during this unprecedented time.”

About BHE
Boston Health Economics (BHE) is an innovative healthcare analytics company with over two decades of experience providing novel solutions to better understand the clinical outcomes and value of various patient care strategies. BHE is transforming the way analysts from diverse disciplines answer critical questions and make insightful predictions from large, complex databases using the market-leading Instant Health Data (IHD) platform. IHD is a fast, flexible and intuitive SaaS platform that empowers teams within life science companies, health plans and provider groups to implement deep analytics with little-to-no programming required. For more information, visit as well as Linkedin and Twitter.