RWE Solutions

Panalgo is now a full-service analytics solutions provider,
offering our industry leading IHD Analytics software,
analytic services, and now streamlined access to data
through industry partnerships to give our customers
a truly differentiated, personalized, and integrated RWE solution.

Our RWE Solutions

Streamlined Access to Data

Streamlined Access to Data

  • Streamlined access to a wealth of real-world data from our network of industry partnerships
  • Get industry-leading data sources at your fingertips within IHD or through analytics services
  • Data sources include laboratory, open claims, closed claims, EHR, Registry, and Other
  • Panalgo Partner Data Assets can be linked with existing data files from other data providers and partners - offering a unique and bespoke data asset to fit your needs

Industry-Leading Technology

Industry-Leading Technology

    • Instant Health Data (IHD) Analytics
      1. Self-service, RWE platform
      2. Analysis-ready datasets
      3. Full scale analyses completed in days or weeks vs. months
      4. Speed, flexibility, efficiency, quality, and transparency of results
    • Report Collaboration Module enables instant sharing of results via custom dashboards
    • IHD Data Science Module provides machine learning to bring a predictive lens to your analyses

Expert Analytic Services

Expert Analytic Services

  • Insights as a Service (IaaS): Analysts integrated into your team, powered by IHD
  • Study Seat: Link IaaS with full-service consulting partners
  • Support+: Custom analytics hourly support bundles

Your Partner on the Analytics Journey

At Panalgo, we like to think of healthcare analytics as a journey. When you work with us, we meet you wherever you are in your analytics journey and provide you with whatever you need – whether that be software, services, access to data, or any combination of the three.


We are guides on your journey – providing you with maps to help plan and prioritize your research agendas.


We are fuel on your journey – making data accessible and providing software to complete your analytics projects across the clinical and commercial life cycle.


We ride-along on your journey – with our expert analysts driving when you need a break.

Leverage RWD across the product life cycle with one end-to-end RWE solution.

Streamlined Access to Data

Through a series of industry partnerships, Panalgo can now offer easy access to a wealth of real-world data, enabling you to have industry-leading data sources at your fingertips. Here's a look at some of the data available...
Open Claims

Norstella RWD

  • 300M+ patients
    • Channel representation of commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, and other government coverage. 6+ years of longitudinal patient data.
  • 2.1M HCPs
    • 7,000 hospitals, 1,500 ACOs, 5,600 health systems, and 6.5 million affiliations
  • 98% of payers
Closed Claims

Panalgo Data Partner

  • US, Multi-Therapeutic, Multi-Payor database with 10 years of patient history.
  • Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage – 220M+ total lives.
  • Fully adjudicated closed claims – medical, RX, and all sites of care.
  • Enrollment ensures fewer gaps in patient journey.
  • Provider information alongside financial information when available.


  • 275 million US lives and 200 million lab patients with linked claims
  • 30 billion clinical transactions
  • 500 million diagnostic test results per month
  • 200 million test results from in-patient hospitals
  • Data from top 3 out of 4 commercial reference labs, several regional labs, and over 100 hospitals and health systems

 TriNetX Global Network and DataWorks

  • Aggregated counts of patients, providers, sites/facilities, prescriptions, procedures for: 185M patients, 147 Healthcare Organizations, and 18 countries.
  • Extract available at the transactional record level to build custom cohorts: 100M+ Dataworks EHR and 7.5M+ US EHR+Claims data available for extract applications.

Industry-Leading Technology

Panalgo’s Instant Health Data (IHD) Analytics platform is the leading healthcare analytics solution for the life sciences industry. This RWE, SaaS, self-service platform streamlines the analytics process by removing complex programming from the equation and allowing you to focus on what matters most - turning data into insights.

Learn more about the IHD Analytics platform

Transparent and trustworthy

Automatically generated code to advanced data exploration tools allow you to see what you are creating every step of the way, and trust the results for everything from decision-making to regulatory submissions.


Dedicated report collaboration module and automated documentation enables sharing of results internally and externally.

Intuitive and flexible

Self-service, SaaS analytics platform with a user-friendly interface. Flexible across all different user types – it can be leveraged even by non-technical staff. Supports a variety of data types and enables multi database analyses.

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Supporting Use Cases Across the Healthcare Ecosystem

Early Phases

Research & Development

  • Quantify burden of diseases
  • Optimize clinical trial design
  • Identify opportunities for label expansion
  • Profile target populations and understand market potential
  • Identify clinical trial sites, investigators, and enrollment criteria
  • Ensure diversity of patients in clinical trials


  • Assess benefits and risks
  • Evaluate incidence and prevalence
  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Understand natural history of disease

Late Phases & Post Approval


  • Rapidly respond to regulators
  • Evaluate drug safety and effectiveness
  • Evaluate treatment patterns
  • Monitor imposed guidelines (e.g. dosing/duration)
  • Compliance with mandatory and voluntary post-market commitments (such as long-term follow-up, pediatric, or pregnancy studies)


  • Analyze comparative effectiveness
  • Determine healthcare resource use and cost
  • Understand patient outcomes
  • Evaluate adherence and drug utilization
  • Generate evidence for market access and reimbursement
  • Develop value-based contracts
  • Support payor conversations
  • Continued assessment of product safety, effectiveness, and value


  • Understand population benchmarks and trends such as course of care and cost
  • Improve care management program design through evaluation
  • Inform benefit design, value-based care models, and formulary decisions
  • Evaluate provider / network performance such as treatment prescription patterns and outcomes

Elevating Your Analytics Journey

With our combination of industry-leading software, streamlined access to data, and analytics services, Panalgo will empower you to...

Improve Evidence Generation

Improve evidence generation across the product life cycle, from pre-clinical to post-marketing, and prioritize research goals.

Leverage Multiple Data Sources

Leverage multiple data sources from one vendor to raise the value, effectiveness, and efficiency of your RWE generation, from feasibility to forecasting.

Support Clinical Trials

Prioritize clinical trials, optimize study designs, understand feasibility, aid site and patient selection, and improve enrollment.

Accelerate Time to Insights

Meet rapid timelines within reasonable budgets.

Respond to Regulatory Requests

Support planned or ad-hoc responses to internal and regulatory requests or requirements.

Scale Internal Analytics

Start you in-house analytics journey and scale as you bring on new data sources.

To learn how to leverage RWD across the product life cycle with one end-to-end solution or to see a demo of your specific use case, please fill out the form.

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