Operationalizing RWE Teams Across The Enterprise

Article in Life Science Leader by Catherine Richards, PhD, MPH - Senior Vice President of Analytics and Scientific Engagement at Panalgo.

In this Life Science Leader article, Catherine Richards weighs in on the critically important part of the healthcare analytics ecosystem that is often overlooked and how it is crucial to creating an enterprise-wide real-world data (RWD) strategy. Richards argues that while business leaders and the industry most often focus on the technologies and databases that can aid life sciences companies in RWD analytics and research, there’s another key factor often overlooked and under supported, yet critically important – the people. With the recent explosion of RWD in recent years and growing access to this data, the healthcare industry has a unique opportunity to uncover hidden insights that could be transformative, but the sheer volume of information can be nearly impossible to parse without the right tools and talent. Read the full article for a look into how life sciences can utilize their most important resource – the people – to drive a successful analytics strategy.

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